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3.0.6 (latest version)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Secure, useful and one of the most advanced applications for communication, Qnext is an application for instant messaging allowing to create shared and private environments to communicate with one’s family and colleagues.

Key Features

Qnext is a multi-protocol instant-messaging that can connect to AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, iChat, ICQ, XMPP (Jabber), MySpace, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), and Yahoo! Messenger. It can send and receive instant messages from these protocols in real time. The software includes all the options for instant messaging. Indeed, it comes along with several emoticons and avatars. It allows to make chat rooms, video conferencing, audio chat, file transfer (music, photos, videos, presentations, etc.) and much more. The interface is fully adapted to multimedia content and for easy file sharing. It is both intuitive and handy for all users, whether professional or beginner. Qnext also encrypts your file sharing, control your computer remotely, interacts in IRC channels, as well as allowing access to a jukebox.

System requirements

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista, Mac OS X Tiger or Panther, Linux (tested with Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and Xandros).
  • Processor: 800 MHz.
  • Memory: 512MB of RAM.
  • Web browser: Internet Explorer 8 +, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 +, Safari 3 +, Chrome 1.0 +.


  • Mutli-protocol.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.


If a program does not run correctly, the software automatically incites Windows to restart. Its installation requires more RAM.


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Alternative spelling: qnextsetup.exe