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Space Toad MIDI Sequencer

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Space Toad MIDI Sequencer
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Space Toad MIDI Sequencer is a multi-track sequencer which as its name suggests, supports MIDI tracks. Among its various features is also the audio editing.

Key features

Editing: The program offers the possibility to edit tracks. For that, he can reduce their sizes so that they can be used as ringtones. The user can also edit texts as well as lyrics with this functionality.

Recording without metronome: Space Toad MIDI Sequencer also enables to record tracks without metrical units. The user has just to turn them off and record fake tempo. Whether it is correct or not, the physical time position of recorded MIDI events will stay the same.

Virtual keyboards: Thanks to this virtual keyboard, the user just needs to click on the track he wants and play it. All the notes will then appear in different colors for them to be distinct and clear.

Track list: This option can be found in the Space Toad MIDI Sequencer's track window. There the user can manipulate different actions such as creating, selecting, deleting or renaming the tracks.


The download process is completely free of charge.

Space Toad MIDI Sequencer has an online manual for users.


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