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SX Fidelity Amplifier

SX Fidelity Amplifier
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
SX Fidelity Amplifier is a software designed for users who have sound problems while listening to music. This mainly appears during an audio streaming from the internet.

Key features

Restoring: Music posted on the internet might have been compressed and stripped out. This program has sophisticated algorithms which can repair the quality sound of the music. It will replace the parts of the audio that was lost during compression.

Personalization: SX Fidelity Amplifier has an advanced parameter in which the user can customize his listening experience manually. He can for example add some artifacts to the sound or reduce noises.

Recording: This utilitarian also offers the possibility to record audio streaming. The user is able to record the sound with the quality enhanced by the program. He can also record the sound with the added effects that he did manually.


SX Fidelity Amplifier has an user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.

It can also be used for PC applications and music services.


This is a trial version of SX Fidelity Amplifier.


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Alternative spelling: SXFA_Setup_Trial12168.exe
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