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Although there are numbers of tools for audio conversion, AmazingMIDI remains one of the most efficient and resourceful. It is allowing converting a WAV into MIDI for music transcription.

Key Features

  • Analysis: first of all, AmazingMIDI is going to launch a complete analysis of the WAV file to be converted. During the analysis, it will write down all detected notes as single-instrument music. It will determine the notes that are making up the file in question.
  • Transcription: the application creates an output file (.midi) from an input file (.wav). The quality of the music recognition and transcription largely depends on the tone color of the music in question. AmazingMIDI is both useful and professional.
  • Interface: it is endowed with a graphical and intuitive user interface. Input file, Tone file and Output file are directly displayed on AmazingMIDI’s interface with several options as well as the displaying of the different notes making up the music.


  • AmazingMIDI is downloadable free of charge.
  • Its expanded maximum file size is up to 1024seconds or 17mins 4 seconds.
  • It is easy to install and uninstall.


  • It is unusable with a drum sound.


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Alternative spelling: azmid170.exe