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Europe! Geography Game

Europe! Geography Game
Linux, Mac OS X, Dos, Unix, Mobile, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Geography is one of the subject that needs tips while learning it. Europe ! Geography Game is a software designed to make learning Geography fun and easier.

Key features :

  • All ages : the game does not require age limit as each person can play it on the computer because knowledge level does not depend on the age.
  • Interface : the software has a kids’ oriented interface which is very colorful. Consequently, kids can see clearly the geographical delimitation of each country.
  • Culture : while using this computer, users can acquire knowledge about the capitals, geographical information like the surface, different seas that surrounded countries. It is good for brain teaser in order to boost the European geography knowledge.
  • Educational use : the software is very efficient for education at school or at home. If used in family, parents can help their kids to know more about European geography; if at school, teachers will guide kids to get depth knowledge on Europe depending on the educational program.
  • Game presentation: the game is presented as puzzles and each piece should be put carefully in the right place in order to get the right answer.

Pros :

  • An educational freeware that allows kids to learn more about Europe faster.


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Alternative spelling: europe-setup-3K++.exe, europe-setup.exe
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