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Onslaught! Arena

Onslaught! Arena
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
This game that plays in Google’s Chrome browser, called Onslaught! Arena is an action game. It is one of the first commercial HTML5 games on the market.

Key Features

  • The game itself : a great game for gamers loving action, Onslaught! Arena’s goal is to let users beat the green dragon (medieval monsters) if they can. A little bit old-fashioned and giving a nice dose of nostalgia for those that yearn for the good old days of 8-bit video game goodness !
  • Arcade-style medieval fantasy shooter : the application offers a non-stop and challenging actions. This aims at letting gamers enjoy all fights and battles without actual and planned strategies.
  • Tools : during the fighting with the green dragon, gamers will have the opportunity to use a great assortment of weapons (gadders, battle axes, fireballs, broadswords, etc.) and other tools that can permit them to win the fight.
  • Controls : the gamer has to use the mouse and the keyboard to attack and hold down. There are directories on how to start each action. For instance, press on « M » to Mute the game, « W » to Move and « P » to pause, « Z » and « X » to switch weapons. There also exists other actions (kill enemies, eat meat, collect gold).
  • Saving data : after reaching the highest score, gamers can save these scores as well as the place in the game after defeating each boss/green dragon.

System requirements

  • Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.


  • Onslaught! Arena has a fun and old school graphics.
  • Non-stop fighting.
  • It is available on Mac AppStore.


  • Some levels are repetitive.


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Alternative spelling: Pokki_Onslaught_ArenaSetup-1.exe, Pokki_Onslaught_ArenaSetup.exe