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Groove Mechanic

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Groove Mechanic
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Groove Mechanic is a program designed to simplify the repairing of sound recording on cassette or vinyl record program. It is developed and published by Coyote Electronics.

Key Features

  • Detection: once the file to be processed by the program is loaded, Groove Mechanic automatically launches a scan on the entire track so as to identify clicks and pops and saturated parts. All forms of noise liable to deteriorate sound quality are highlighted on the audio spectrum.
  • Repairing: the main purpose of this program is to enhance the quality of the audio file. For that, it enables to eliminate these imperfections from tools proposed at users' disposal. They can also select the part to repair manually. The process makes pops and clicks immediately disappear.
  • Checking: to ensure that tape hiss and other imperfections are removed from the track, a simple built-in player has been integrated to Groove Mechanic. The user is endowed with all common playback controls including Fast Forward, Pause and Stop.


  • Groove Mechanic offers a user-friendly interface that is facilitating its handling.


  • This is valid for only a few days.
  • It is not available in other languages.


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Alternative spelling: SetupGM-2.6 .exe, SetupGM.exe