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G-Lock Email Processor

G-Lock Email Processor
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
G-Lock Email Processor is a special program for processing emails and extracting some contents. It has all the needed tools for managing emails or for converting emails and images formats.

Key Features

  • Reading: it is possible to directly read the email stored in POP3 and IMAP accounts with G-Lock Email Processor. This option provides access to messages that are in different IMAP folders of a server. This program supports SSL, which provides access to the management of services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and others.
  • Filtering option: sorting incoming messages can be done in order to get rid of those that are unwanted. The user just has to choose the criteria for filtering. A list of all available filters is provided to help users.
  • Extraction: G-Lock Email Processor is able to extract data from an email. This may be the header, body or all attached files. This option allows building a database of email and street addresses and much more data. Extracted images can be converted to PDF.
  • Other options: many other features are available including the creation of HTML or PDF files from the extracted data. G-Lock Email Processor can also bounce and auto-reply emails automatically after configuration.


  • G-Lock Email Processor is working as a service on the computer.
  • It can execute MS Windows Scripts.


  • This is offered as a free trial to be used for 30 days.


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