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Transmission is a powerful downloads manager. Working with Bittorrent P2P distribution network, it offers users the ability to download large files from the Web. This product is developed thanks to the collaboration of Stranded Design and Transmission Project.

Key Features

  • Download modes: transferring files with this program can be done with simple mouse clicks. The user just has to find the torrent file and then add it to the download list. After that, the Transmission user will have to select the destination folder and the process can start.
  • Management: it is worth to note that Transmission supports batch mode giving users the ability to upload multiple files at once. Of course, it is also possible to pause and resume the download at any time. A color code system enables to group some file downloads.
  • Display information: what differentiates Transmission from other programs is that users can read information about download progress and torrent inspector. For instance, the remaining time for file transfer as well as torrent information such as Pieces and Hash can be viewed too.


  • Transmission is downloadable free of charge.
  • It is possible to manage bandwidth during the download batch files.


  • There is nothing special to report.


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Alternative spelling: Transmission-2.84.dmg, Transmission.dmg