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Super Ad Blocker

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Super Ad Blocker
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Internet is a tool that helps us in our everyday life both professionally and personally. When surfing on the Internet for information, attentiveness is important to optimize the search, but sometimes pop-ups and flash animations can reduce this concentration. Super Ad Blocker can solve this problem.

Key Features

  • Deletion: Super Ad Blocker is a powerful tool to block pop-ups or flash animations. Indeed, it is easy to use and can remove them by a single click.
  • Configurable: removing this software is optional and configurable. In fact, you can configure it; for example, remove only the types of pop-ups or some flash animations that you have introduced in your blacklist.
  • Antispyware: Super Ad Blocker also has anti-spyware tool that removes spyware and adware as well as all forms of malware that may corrupt your system. It also includes a cookie manager and viewer for a graphical overview of blocked ads.
  • Use: this application is easy to implement. It requires no special computer skills for its handling and mastering. In addition, it can run in the system tray of your machine or integrated into the toolbar of your browser.


  • Super Ad Blocker is compatible with several browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, AON and MSN.


  • Not available in other languages.


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Alternative spelling: SuperAdBlocker.exe