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Project KickStart

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Project KickStart
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Project KickStart is designed to make financial plan easier for everyone who wants to launch in business.

Key features:

  • Customization : to keep privacy, users can create personal way for quick use like creating password or any possible other personalizations that are more practical especially when the computer is a shared one.
  • Interface : an easy to use interface that helps users feel more confident and comfortable while using the software. Consequently, users become efficient due to the task performing speed.
  • Importing and exporting files : users can send and receive files with these following formats : Word, Excel, Powerpoint which is possible to have better improvement on templates and presentations. For Outlook express, users can have a plenty of choices about the tasks they want the software to perform concerning the file exchanging.
  • Reporting : For better result, the software can print reports to find out the project situation such as the project progress in comparison to the timeline set, the risk, the problems that should be handle to achieve the goal.
  • Communication : while using this software, users can send emails or print documents in order to exchange point of view on the project during a meeting. These documents can be reports, assignments and schedules that are related to the project.
  • Other options : Users can choose among the 10 templates that are already available in the software for launching their own business. However, they can have their own customization for their personal use. Also, all the frequently used person contacts can be recorded in the software in order to save time.


  • A practical shareware which helps people manage their financial situation in business successfully.


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