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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
There are numbers of private information that need to be kept in a secure place. This software, called PASSWORDfighter is a tool that can organize and store in a safe place all your passwords and confidential information.

Key Features

  • Management: the application manages your online password for you. It can recognize password protected sites and at the time you want, it can log you in automatically. PASSWORDfighter is also organizing group password together to save them as bookmark-like.
  • Secure memos: once your passwords are being saved by PASSWORDfighter, they will be stored in secure memos in an AES encrypted database that you alone can have access. Moreover, all your personal data (credit card or other personal information.) can also be stored them so as to keep them from prying eyes.
  • Portable: one of its best assets is that the application is a portable one. You can bring it everywhere you go and it does not require any installation for its running. All you have to do is to download it and it will automatically run.
  • Import/export: PASSWORDfighter can also import passwords from any browser (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc). It is the same when you have to export some text files or spreadsheets.


  • PASSWORDfighter is a secure solution to manage passwords.
  • It is possible to add an unlimited number or passwords.


  • The application offers 30 days of test and after that, users need to buy a license.


Alternative spelling: PASSWORDfighter_Web1002-1.1.8.exe, PASSWORDfighter_Web1002.exe