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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, French
QuickBasic is a high-level programming language to learn easily and quickly BASIC language. It is "a favourite tool" among beginners' programmers.

Key Features

The compiler option allows you to create executable files from a BASIC source code. The aim is to translate source code from a high level to a low level. During the operation, QuickBasic is going to perform pre-processing, parsing, lexical analysis and many others. Syntax or line format errors will be systematically corrected by the QuickBasic. The user will be warned of the presence of these anomalies via an error message. Debugging tools are provided to find the "runtime" category functioning errors. It can stop the execution of the program containing the error so that the user can check each variable. QuickBasic uses combinations of keys with specific functions assigned to the various program options. As an example, we can find [SHIFT] [ F1] to display a general screen help, [ F5 ] to continue the execution of a program after stopping it and [F9] to set breakpoints. It is better to use "placemakers" for long programs processing. The structure of a program is essential in order to control which parts of the code must be executed under certain conditions.


Downloading this software is free. It incorporates a large number of keyboard shortcuts.


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