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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess
iPhone, English
A Beautiful Mess is an iOS version of the award-winning lifestyle blog of Elsie and Emma. This app can be of a great help to improve images on an iDevice. This editing app also allows sharing the output directly on different social networks. Photography, décor, fashion and others pictures can be published and shared to let others be aware of the users' beautiful file events.

Key Features

  • Photo editing: A Beautiful Mess can be used to edit a given image. For instance, it lets bloggers add frame, filters and effects to it. Some parts of the picture can be removed and it is also possible to adjust color and brightness. For this latest version, editing tools have been improved.
  • Hand-drawn doodles: for this option, users are enabled to choose among different doodles that were drawn by hand and inserted into the app. Their meaning and shape may be concrete or abstract. They can be used as frames or added to a picture to make it more realistic.
  • Photo collage: A Beautiful Mess grants its bloggers in using photo collage. Collage templates (rectangle, circle, heart, icon, etc.) are diverse. Users are given the possibility to pick one of them. The access to this option is made easy for each iDevice user.
  • Sharing option: once created, the picture can be simply shared on social network services. For this iOS version, it can be published on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Suitable icons give simple access that purpose. Another option also helps to send the picture via email.


  • It creates beautiful snapshots to broadcast on social media.
  • A Beautiful Mess offers a well-designed and intuitive interface.


  • Nothing to report.


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