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OkCupid Dating

OkCupid Dating
iPhone, English
OkCupid Dating is an iOS version of OkCupid friendship, dating and social networking website. The Web version was first launched in March 2004 and becomes more and more used by multiple Internet users. This dating application for iOS is developed by itself. It gives singles the ability to search for and find dates securely.

Key Features

  • Matching: new members will be asked to answer to several quizzes and multiple-choice questions. Collected information is used by OkCupid Dating and thanks to powerful matching algorithms; it provides Match, Friend and even Enemy suggestions. Users are spoilt with choices.
  • Profile and private settings: creating a new profile or directly log in with the Web account is feasible. OkCupid Dating gives members the ability to complete quizzes, add special information about them and upload images from the device's image library. They can also rate other profiles on the network.
  • IM option: a simple tap on a profile gives OkCupid Dating users the ability chat with another contact. During chat conversation, the age, gender, marital status, location and OkCupid rating will be showed up on top of the chat box.
  • Broadcast: OkCupid Dating enables a user to broadcast date suggestions so as to let other online singles can contact him. Via the Activity, post and feelings can be shared there. With this same interface, all activities (other friend's) performed on the network can be viewed.


  • OkCupid Dating is downloadable free of charge.
  • It works on iPod and iPad.


  • Some functions like A-List are paying.


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