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iPhone, English
QuizUp(TM) is an application for people who love playing quiz games. This trivia game asks questions about the player's knowledge in grammar, logic, rhetoric and others. The application is available on the Internet (Web version) and on iOS to be played by any user of any age. It is developed by Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games.

Key Features

  • Principle: QuizUp(TM) lets players choose from several specific topic and answer to all questions. It mostly consists of two players with seven rounds (6 normal with 1 bonus). This is a speed-based game, meaning that the two gamers are judged on their capacity to answer to a question in a matter of seconds.
  • Questions and topics: this application offers more than 150,000 questions and 365 topics. Topics are various ranging from movies and TV Shows to books and literature. The one who quickly answers to a question wins points and gets higher in score.
  • Challenge friends: since QuizUp(TM) requires Internet connection to work, players are found online. The adversary may be an online friend or a completely unknown player. Each gamer can see their names appear in the LeaderBoards in a topic. The app displays the rank, the location and the flag on its interface.
  • QuizUp community and Contributor: during game sessions, players are free to chat with other online challengers or post comments on the forum to exchange tips and tricks. More than that, QuizUp(TM) also gives them the possibility to become an official member of the Global Editorial Team. To achieve this goal, they have to add as many topics and questions as possible.


  • QuizUp(TM) is free of charge.
  • This application is continuously updated and hundreds of questions are added all the time.


  • Nothing special to report.


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