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Patrick Kane's Winter Games

Patrick Kane's Winter Games
iPhone, English
Patrick Kane's Winter Games is an arcade-style hockey game for iOS devices. It offers three game-modes and the ability to perform instant Face-Off in Winter Games with simple swipes and taps. Other strategies such slap-shots and poke-checks are at gamers' disposal to win the gold medal. The game is developed by Distinctive Games.

Key Features

  • Team and players: gamers enter Patrick Kane's Winter Games and have to pick a team and opposition among the 18 top national teams that are proposed there. Game strategies are configurable. Players are given the freedom to change strategy on the fly and stay away from penalty box.
  • Rival series: what differentiates this game from others is that it gives the possibility to recreate the hockey world's greatest moments (Frozen Four, Winter Olympics and others). New strategy, team members can all be changed to win the puck and change the history.
  • Gameplay: Phoenix technology has been integrated to fluid up controls and 3D visuals.

Patrick Kane's Winter Games grants gamers with cheering mobs and "Eye-popping particle effects" said the editor. The aim is to bring gamers into the real atmosphere of a thrilling ice-hockey match.
  • Social: scores can be shared on Game Center (iOS); a showing off. Through this, other puckheads may make an appearance to challenge the gamer. The most excellent final count can be published on Game Center, Facebook and Twitter.


  • It can work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5.


  • There is nothing special to report.


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