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Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 3
iPhone, English
Clear Vision 3 is the third version of the famous sniper game, Clear Vision. It is mainly designed for iOS devices. The plan is to accomplish a mission by playing sharpshooter. Players are given sniper scope to fire the aim. The graphic is pretty deadly (stickman characters) but which is making the scene quite exciting. It can work on iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd Generation.

Key Features

  • Animations: Clear Vision 3 offers different kinds of animations and sound to bring gamers in a realistic yet unreal event. For instance, they can use animated Cut Scenes as well as Blood and Gore animations and still many others.
  • Missions and weapons: for this version, Clear Vision 3 gamers can profit from 55 Missions. For each mission will be distinguished features of a target. The game gives suggestions on the weapon to choose and when to upgrade them. There is a compendium of weapons to choose from that are all customizable.
  • Retina Display: this application supports Retina Display Apple devices. Clear Vision 3 allows an automatic screen brightness adjustment. This offers an optimum viewing in environments ranging from darkness to sunlight.
  • Miscellaneous: Clear Vision 3 helps to calculate Wind and Distance to better aim and shoot the target. These actions can be performed with simple taps and swipes on the Device's screen. Apart from that, it offers a Cool game world.


  • Clear Vision 3 can work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • It offers various settings and missions.


  • It is only available in English.
  • This application is not appropriate for children.


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