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Cycloramic Pro

Cycloramic Pro
iPhone, English
Cycloramic Pro, by Egos Ventures is an iOS application for capturing panoramic images and videos. This differs from other versions thanks to several features such as resolution and modes. It enables the phone to rotate 360 degrees without user intervention. This application is available in several languages including English, French, Russian and Spanish. Note that it also offers 4xHD mode and free White label.

Key Features

  • Guided Mode: this option can work for both iPhone and iPad. For this mode, Cycloramic Pro can guide the user in taking the perfect panorama photo every time. Thanks to this, it is possible to have the highest resolution (40MP) panorama.
  • HandsFree Mode: only available for iPhone 5/5s, this mode keeps the users' hands free. Cycloramic Pro users just have to put the phone on a smooth place and activate HandsFree mode. After that, it will automatically rotate 360 degrees with the help of the internal vibration feature to take pictures and videos.
  • Editor and converter: apart from these, Cycloramic Pro also enables to edit and enhance captured images and videos. It is also possible to add effects to them. Apart from that, the app enables to convert large size images into panoramic videos.
  • Sharing option: captured images can be saved into the iOS device camera roll. If not, Cycloramic Pro also allows its users to share the output on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even via SMS or email to friends.


  • Cycloramic Pro is multilingual.
  • It is featured with an immersive 3D viewer.


  • Nothing special to report.


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