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Flappy Plane

Flappy Plane
iPhone, English
Flappy Plane is a game designed by Jordan Edwards. This action game enters players into a virtual air racing. Their goal will be to make the plane fly to a given direction and at a limited period of time. It is released the year 2014 and continues its development. It can be played by both young and adult people.

Key Features

  • Game principle: gamers have to Press and Hold to make the plane go higher and take it off for slowing it down. The aim of the game is to reach the end of the destination and at the same time avoid obstacles. Hindrance can be Blued Ghosts, Buildings and Pipes; they will have to avoid them all.
  • Score and level: once a level is completed, the Flappy Plane gamer will be directed to another one that is harder. Although, before accessing to another level, the distance the airplane has traveled as well as the best score will appear on the interface user. That way, gamers can better weigh the effort they have to provide.
  • Improvements: for this version, Flappy Plane developer fixed some glitches concerning the score and high score display and settings. Now, it is possible to make the plane fly faster. We can also notice the manifestation of Blue Ghosts and Buildings more rapidly to make some levels even harder to complete.


  • Flappy Plane is downloadable free of charge.
  • The design of the game is eye-catching and entertaining.
  • This action game can be tricky and at the same time a child's game.


  • This game is not available in other languages than English.


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