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Flashlight ®

Flashlight ®
iPhone, English
Flashlight.® is a banner ad supported flashlight app that is developed and published by Intellectual Flame Co. It can work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. This app increases brightness to the mobile phone flashlight and is packed with several options and simple controls.

Key Features

  • Illuminator: Flashlight.® is giving more brilliance to the flashlight that is already integrated on the iOS mobile phone. It offers more options that can be accessible with simple swipe and tap on the screen. This can be a great advantage for iOS device users.
  • Controls: this application offers different controls to better and simply access to flashlight. For instance, we can cite motion control, Strobe control as well as LED brightness control. It is entirely customizable.
  • Strobe mode: Flashlight.® is built-in with this special mode. Thanks to this, the user can choose to flash the flashlight at whatever frequency. This means that the base frequency, the duty cycle and other options can all be controlled. It is worth to note that this mode can be disabled depending on the user's needs.
  • Miscellaneous: the developer of the app added night vision mode to this latest version, which is making it even more multi-functional. It is utterly compatible with iPhone5 big screen. SOS signal is also supported.


  • Flashlight.® can be downloaded and used for free.
  • This application is available in several languages including English, Dutch, German and Italian.


  • Flashlight.® can considerably drop off battery life.


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