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Flick Champions Winter Sports

Flick Champions Winter Sports
iPhone, English
Flick Champions Winter Sports is an action game developed and published by Chillingo Ltd. It offers several Winter Sports that the gamer can play with. It is mainly about wining the Cup of the year for these Sports. This game is universal meaning that it can work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5.

Key Features

  • Database: Flick Champions Winter Sports gathers eight different sports that are Slalom, Sledding, Snowball Fight, Biathlon, Skating, Ice Hockey, Ski Jumping and Curling. The player has to choose among them, select the nation to represent as well as the materials to use.
  • Multiplayer: this game can be played solo or with another player. What is interesting is that Flick Champions Winter Sports can be played with two gamers on the same iOS device. 18 cups are waiting the winner after game sessions.
  • Online country rankings: concerning scores, Flick Champions Winter Sports, as told above delivers 18 Gold Cups for Winter Sports game winter. But apart from that, the game also lets the user experience online Country Medal Rankings and Leaderboards.
  • Power-ups: for this latest version, Flick Champions Winter Sports is packed with 40 unlockable items such as speed boosts and perfect finishes. They can be the best allies for Skiing faster and upgrading to another level and win the Cup.


  • Flick Champions Winter Sports is addictive.
  • The design and graphics are gorgeous.


  • It is only available in English.
  • This game is paid.


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