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High School Story for iPhone

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High School Story for iPhone
iPhone, English
High School Story is a construction game designed for iPhone. The player's aim is to create a high school, choose his/her own look, recruit classmates and even play matchmakers among them. The game puts the player in different situation and he has to select how the story will end. This app is developed and published by Pixelberry Studios.

Key Features

  • Players' profile: players are given the freedom to choose among several characters on High School Story's database. This means that they can select to be a man or woman, pick up their own clothes and style. It is possible to organize big parties in the High School to unlock more than 30 characters.
  • Create high school: after choosing characters, players have to build classrooms, decorate them and map out areas to build stadium and library. High School Story also enables to select classmates, hangout with them and even play matchmaker.
  • Link friends: the application can link classmate to the players' Facebook friend for extra Rings. This is utterly possible with High School Story. For that, the user can select the hair, face and the style of that friend. Finally, he has to type for the name of the friend. Apart from that, rewards can be published directly on Facebook.
  • Enhancement: numbers of improvements have been added to this version. For instance, three new character types are now available as well as a brand new story character. A storage feature for decorating in indoor and outdoor of the High School has been added too.


  • High School Story is downloadable free of charge.


  • It is not available in other languages than English.


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