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Modern War

Modern War
iPhone, English
Modern War is a military game where players have to build global empire and vanquish enemies. The aim is to become the world's dominating power (alone or via alliance with other online players). This is an MMORPG game developed and published by Funzio Inc. It is essentially designed for iPhone and can work on iPad and iPod touch.

Key Features

  • MMORPG: Modern War is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game supporting several platforms. Battles are performed in live against other online gamers. The player has to choose among the six countries proposed in the game that are UK, US, Russia, Germany, China and Iran.
  • Build units: as already told above, it is possible to invite other friends to make alliance stronger. Players are given entire freedom to build their own units. Modern War offers more than 100 powerful air, ground and even sea units that they can choose from.
  • Weaponry: there are over 30 different places to explore in the world. Concerning arming, players can build their own factories, bunkers and power plants. They can also make use of the Bomb buildings or the blast tanks.
  • Achievements and military decorations: Modern War gathers more than 60 Game Center achievements that can be shared on social networks. Hundred of goals and missions have to be completed to win battles in this turf war. It also offers more than 50 military decorations for the units and its team members.


  • Modern War is downloadable free of charge and multilingual.
  • It supports Retina display and gorgeous effects and animations


  • Nothing special to report.


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