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Netflix is a subscription application service allowing its users to watch TV movies and episodes on their iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Developed and published by Netflix Inc., this app stacks up different kinds of streaming programs that are categorized by genre. The user just has to own a Netflix account and a subscription to enjoy streaming videos.

Key Features

  • Movie streaming: Netflix movies are categorized by genre (TV Shows, Comedies and Documentaries). After subscription, the user can freely watch them from a queue over 3G or Wi-Fi. They can profit from thousands of titles from different producers.
  • Browse and search: since movies are sorted by types with Netflix, they can be directly browsed and watched in a tap away. If not, it is also possible to type for the TV or movie titles on Search Box to have the result appear straight away on the iPhone screen.
  • Instant queue: after the research, Netflix gives users the ability to add movies to the queue in order to watch them one by one. The app also lets users arrange, delete and rearrange again the queue depending on their needs and preferences.
  • Movie recommendations: TV shows can be rated on Netflix's website. Users are given freedom to recommend movies they have already watched and liked. Other online users can see the movie and watch it their turn.


  • Netflix is available in several languages including English, Dutch, French and Spanish.
  • It offers various choices.


  • It requires a subscription.


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