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Wedding Assistant

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Wedding Assistant
Windows XP, English
Planning a wedding is a very tricky job that needs effective management. Wedding Assistant will be your best adviser for that job.

Key features

-Planning : Wedding Assistant will give you the to-do list which you can modify according to your needs. There is no set rules for this list but it is better to establish a calendar ahead of time in order to avoid any rush.

-Guests lists : The software will make this tough job easier because it will provide you the potential guests that you would invite on your wedding day. By doing this, you can even plan their respective seats during the ceremony and wedding lunch because they might be in a couple, single.

-Expenses : Wedding Assistant will show you the expenses that may cost your wedding. You can make some balance according to your budget. You can plan first, then you can see thereality once you begin different purchasing.

-Gift management : the list and the type of gifts you get can be recorded by the software, and based on that, you can send a thank you note for each person in a timely manner.

-Operating system : when the information is recorded, there is automatically a backup file that can be used in case of breakdown. That way, no possibility to lose files accidentally for one reason or another.

System requirements

-It can support Win 95, Win 98, Millenium, XP

-Memory : 13 MB


-Available in shareware that needs subscritption after 30 days trial.

-It saves your money and time as you can do it by yourself at your rythm, tailored to your budget and your needs as well.


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