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iPhone, English
Plex is a multimedia file manager and a media player system. It is available in several platforms and this one is destined for iPhone. It easily enables to stream videos, music and photos to these devices. The developer of this app, Plex Inc packed it with various features to make users fully get experience from it.

Key Features

  • Multimedia manager: Plex is first and foremost a multimedia organizer that enables sort and categorize all photos, videos, movies and audio files stored in the iPhone. Apart from that, it also enables to create description, artwork and other information related to the media file.
  • Browsing: thanks to this management feature, users can easily launch search on the device. Results appear instantly as the user type on the search box. For this latest version, Plex fixes some problems related to search option (incorrect results or crashes).
  • Synchronization: multimedia data can be synched to the iDevice (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), for offline viewing. Note that this option is requiring a premium Plex Pass subscription. Apart from that, it also enables to synch media to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or other cloud provider.
  • Social option: with a simple tap on the icon, Plex users can share media to friends and families. It is also possible to queue online videos to be watched. The app also provides access to a wide range of online channels such as Revision3 and Vimeo.


  • Plex is a full-featured and multilingual application.
  • It is easy to handle.


  • There is nothing special to report.


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