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iPhone, English
PolyFauna is an abstract and mysterious audiovisual application. It has been published in collaboration with Radiohead and Universal Everything. This is mainly born out of the song Bloom from The King of Limbs (Radiohead's last album). Sound and imagery are quite unique. This application can work on iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5), iPad and iPod Touch.

Key Features

  • Game principle: once the application runs on the iDevice, the user can connect his earphone to listen and view imageries displayed on the screen. The app rummages through the users' subconscious. Indeed, the app, songs and images seem to have no end. Users are free to follow the little red dot to enter a different world. Users can find out a sense of discovery and a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Graphics: images are painted by Stanley Donwood with organic pen and ink drawings. Scenery evolves as the user follows the red dot on the screen. The developer works with the palette of colors and atmosphere and digital weather and still many others. Sometimes, it takes the form of an urban environment and some are just abstract.
  • Soundtrack: Radiohead fans can enjoy discovering a new world while listening to the band's songs, especially its seventh album, The King of Climbs. It offers an intimate and more personal experience with the group's Bloom.


  • PolyFauna is an application that can be downloaded and used free of charge.
  • It is a standalone application (not tied to a new release).
  • This app is unique in its genre.


  • Nothing special to report.


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