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CCM - Live forum for iPhone & iPad is a discussion forum for all people willing to share their experience and receive advice from others. It is mainly intended for people who share the same passions and interests with several topics available and to keep in touch with online members directly on an iPhone or iPad.

Key Features

Live forum: this lightweight application gives access to CCM Live forum network. The user can create an account, ask a question and get answers from hundreds of members. Via the mobile phone, it is possible to follow a member or a conversation, vote for the best answer and even send private messages to other members.

Themes: CCM - Live forum for iPhone & iPad is rich in terms of topics. The user can ask questions about High-tech (Internet, video games and others), Health and other themes. A tap on the "Categories" button is enough to unveil all themes.

Languages: CCM - Live forum for iPhone & iPad is one of the rare live discussions that are available in several languages. This mobile version is accessible in 6 languages that are French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian.


CCM - Live forum for iPhone & iPad offers diverse in themes.

Users are notified at each coming messages and answered posts.

It can be downloaded and installed on the mobile phone for free.


Nothing special to report.


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