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Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro
Android, English
Beautiful Widgets Pro is an application which allows users to stay updated with the weather in several countries in the world. For this, a little widget is put on the home screen of the mobile phone to let appear all kinds of information related to the weather. It also shows the date and time. Users are given freedom to change the appearance of these elements via preinstalled themes.

Key Features

  • Customization: users are free to change the gadget placed on the home screen. Beautiful Widgets Pro allows users to set the size as well as the font of the widgets. The user also has the choice concerning the rendering; whether at 6x4, 6x1 or 6x2. The latter is destined for tablets.
  • Weather forecast: this application gathers and displays several kinds of information related to weather forecast on several big cities in the world. It shows up the maximum and minimum temperature for each city. Beautiful Widgets Pro is able to identify the geographical position of the user to automatically display the weather in the region he is located.
  • Interactive screen: Beautiful Widgets Pro can be configured so that it can replace the background image of the Android device by a photo that represents the weather. All kinds of information related to weather for the next five days are displayed there. The image is changing each time, according to the changes in the weather.


  • Beautiful Widgets Pro enables to download additional themes on the Web.
  • Provided information are reliable.


  • Nothing special to report.


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