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Bible Lock Screens(TM) Premium

Bible Lock Screens(TM) Premium
Android, English
Bible Lock ScreensTM Premium is the paid version of this application developed by Ryan Maher. This version is especially designed for Android mobile phones and tablets and offers more features. It grants users with several Bible Lock Screens packed with numerous wallpapers, lock screen and home screen.

Key Features

  • Database: this application stacks up no less than 1, 000 custom wallpapers on its database. Users can profit from them at any time. They are categorized by genre (Jesus, Holy Spirit, Worship, Prayer and still others.). Images are displayed in thumbnail mode.
  • Save and share images: Bible Lock ScreensTM Premium enables to save wallpapers to the device's Camera Roll. So then, these images can be recorded and sent to friends on social networking websites. This app offers several icons that are linking directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
  • Weekly updates: this application is updated every week. Then, improvements and new design can be added to Bible Lock ScreensTM Premium. It enables all users to be updated with any change brought to the application.
  • Home screen and Lock screen: Bible Lock ScreensTM Premium offers several themes and images that can be used for these options. So then, there is no need to search for lock screen or home screen on Android devices.


  • Bible Lock ScreensTM Premium is essential for Christian people.
  • Controls are done with simple taps and swipes.


  • This is a commercial application.


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