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Book of Heroes

Book of Heroes
Android, English
Book of Heroes is an adventure game that is working on mobile phones. This version can work on Android tablets and mobile phones. The game is about the story of a hero. Players are going to write their own tales. It is available in Multiplayer and Player Versus Player mode. This game is developed and published by Venan Entertainment.

Key Features

Unlike other adventure and role-playing game, the player is not assigned a hero to guide. Indeed, the player can create a hero of his own. He is free to select the gender, the hair, head, hair color and skin color at the very beginning of the game. After that, Book of Heroes enters him in an adventure plot and setting. There is an objective to fulfill and rewards to gain. Scores and points are increasing as long as the player wins a battle and triumphs over enemies. In all, Book of Heroes gathers more than 300 quests where players will have to go through dangerous dungeons. Book of Heroes is available in several modes. For instance, players can enter the Massively Multiplayer game mode if they want to experience real time chat, raids and guilds. The game also lets pit gamers against each other in a Player Versus Player mode. Compared to the former versions of Book of Heroes, this one is available in French, Italian, Spanish and German. Bugs are fixed and the graphics and soundtrack enhanced as well.


Book of Heroes can be installed and played for free. Characters can be upgraded in terms of abilities and skills.


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