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CameraAce Frames: Love pack

CameraAce Frames: Love pack
Android, English
CameraAce Frames: Love pack is an add-on package for CameraAce. They can be used to create a photo collection and easily start writing love stories. This app is developed and published by TecAce Software. To be able to install this add-on, the free CameraAce application has to be previously installed on the Android device.

Key Features

  • Frames: this application is offering 12 lovely frames to create a photo collection. As example, CameraAce Frames: Love pack frames' are Choco, Puppy Luv, Fairy Tale, Heart and Rose. They are all customizable, meaning that they can be adjusted to the picture of the user.
  • Picture manager: once images are embellished with frames, CameraAce Frames: Love pack can organize them on the device. Users are free to rename, delete and sort images by type, size or other attributes.
  • CameraAce features: CameraAce Frames: Love pack stacks up all CameraAce features. Among them, it is possible to add other frames and filters to images, create photo collage and edit them with the S Pen (with much detailed information).
  • Output: after that, images can be saved and arranged to create a slideshow. The user is free to add his favorite music tracks to add as background during the slideshow. Apart from that, it is also possible to share images to friends via Facebook, Twitter and more. If not, they can be printed too.


  • CameraAce Frames: Love pack offers gorgeous frames.
  • CameraAce is downloadable free of charge.


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