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Castle Clash

Castle Clash
Android, English
Castle Clash is a tower defending arcade game that is especially designed and published by IGG.COM. The player's goal is to create a powerful army to protect the fortress that he has previously built. Depending on his choice, he can select among a wide range of weapons and heroes. This version is developed for Android mobile devices and tablets.

Key Features

  • Setting and heroes: this adventure game is offering players the ability to hire legions of heroes. That way, the winner can become the world's greatest WardLord. In this tower defense action game, players can choose among more than 20 heroes that have to be selected in order to form leading soldiers.
  • Arena battle: requiring an Internet connection, Castle Clash gamers can arrange an appointment and organize a Player Versus Player battle inside the Arena. It can be a little bit hard for beginners but they will acquire techniques if they do not give up.
  • Armament: gamers are free to choose the kind of armament they want to employ for each battle. Indeed, they can combine sorcery with different kinds of weapons to ensure a victory over enemies. Castle Clash is providing very realistic and thrilling battles.
  • Enhancements: for this latest version, Castle Clash has been improved in terms of graphics and heroes. The famous hero Minotaur Chieftain has been added to the game as well as other heroes. Some crashing issues have also been fixed.


  • Castle Clash can be played for free.
  • It is now available in several languages including French, English, German and Italian.


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