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Doodle Kingdom HD

Doodle Kingdom HD
Android, English
Doodle Kingdom HD, developed and published by JoyBits Co. Ltd. is another version of the Doodle God puzzle game. It is different from others thanks to its being more lightweight and offering a high definition graphics. The principle remains the same though. It gives the player all the necessary tools, elements, Knights and Dragons to create his kingdom.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: as other versions of Doodle God, Doodle Kingdom HD is calling on the player' creativity for the building of his kingdom. He will have to breed and raise different kinds of Dragons. Apart from that, he has to train and arm his Knights in order to defend his Kingdom. Mastering various elements such as Fire, Earthquake and others will be required too.
  • Game modes: for this latest version, a new mode has been introduced enabling players to combat hordes of monsters in a runner-like combat game. Apart from that, Doodle Kingdom HD offers several modes that are the Genesis, Battle and others. Each mode is linked to a mission that the gamer has to accomplish.
  • Missions: quests are different depending on the game mode. For instance, the gamer can be called to build a kingdom or restore peace therein. By acquiring the talent of a Necromancer, the player can master all elements to conquer villages. Concerning elements, Doodle Kingdom HD offers more than 107 elements to master.


  • Doodle Kingdom HD is lightweight.
  • It is possible to buy some elements to increase in power.


  • Nothing to report.


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