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Empire: Four Kingdoms

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Empire: Four Kingdoms
Android, English
Empire: Four Kingdoms is a kind of tower defense game allying empire management. The gamer has to build his fortress, combat foes and make his kingdom flourish. This middle-ages strategy game is developed and published by Goodgame Studios. Concerning this version, it is especially designed for Android tablets and mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Game principle: Empire: Four Kingdoms is consisting of building an empire and protect it. The gamer is also assigned the task to make it flourish via collecting resources and getting economy rolling. Concerning the player's goal, the aim is to become the sovereign of all kingdoms on the entire map that is previously given to him.
  • Multiplayer mode: since the game requires an Internet connection to work, searching for other online players is made simple. Empire: Four Kingdoms enables to search for other kingdoms, attack them or create an alliance with them. The winner is the one who manage to take over all kingdoms in the map.
  • Armament: the game offers a compendium of weapons that the player can use at any time. Apart from that, the gamer is provided with over 50 different units that have to be trained and commanded to win the victory. Weapons can be lethal and ditto for the well-trained and powerful units.
  • Enhancements: for this latest version, new equipments, techniques, and attacks are made available for gamers. Another freshly news is the ability to forge old equipment items and convert them to brand new ones.


  • Empire: Four Kingdoms is downloadable free of charge.
  • It is played by millions of people around the world.


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