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Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go

Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go
Android, English
Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go is an icon pack to personalize the appearance of Android tablets and mobile phones. This app contains a wide range of icons of different genre that can be applied to the touch screen of the Android device. The aim is to give a new and custom look to the device's screen. This lightweight application is developed and published by Theme Studio.

Key Features

  • Icon pack: Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go is gathering about 500 app icons in its database. The user is spoilt with choices concerning icons. Over and above, these icons are constantly updated and enhanced every week.
  • Compatibility: this icon pack can work with different Android Launchers, especially those that are the most famed on the market. For instance, Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go can utterly work with Nova, Apex, ADW, Go and Holo Launchers. The developer recently announced the coming up of other launchers.
  • Icon request: if the user notices that some of his apps do not have custom icons, they can send an icon request to the developer. If not, Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go enables to request for a new icon on Google Doc. It is accessible by any Google user where he has to fill blanks up to contact the developer.


  • Grafikos - Apex, ADW, Nova, Go can fit any Android touch screen device.
  • This app is constantly (every week) updated with new more icons.
  • Applying themes can be done via the Launcher's Settings option (Open the Launcher, Icon Theme and Apply).


  • Nothing to report.


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