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Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age
Android, English
Heroes of Dragon Age is an epic adventure game where the player is asked to guide a team of heroes who have special abilities and powers. He is assigned the mission to earn the maximum of rewards to win eternal glory. Graphics are of high-quality and the player can view all his battles in detail. The game is developed and published by Electronic Arts.

Key Features

  • Game principle: at the beginning of Heroes of Dragon Age, the gamer has to recruit brave warriors. Note that they will have a unique power. They have to accomplish several quests to defeat evil forces. They also have to put an end to the terror in the kingdom and stop fire-breathing dragons.
  • Combat system: the player can collect hundreds of characters that are available in Heroes of Dragon Age. This means that with swipes and taps, the gamer can combine heroes and increase the unit's power. He can choose among 4 elements in the team; train them and win all battles.
  • Achievements: thanks to PvP events organized in the game, the player can challenge other users over the network. If he wins, the gamer can see his name on the online leaderboard of the game; win exclusive legendary prizes and other rewards.
  • Reports: Heroes of Dragon Age can contain statistics of each fighting. For instance, the interface of the game can display Power, Health, the Normal Hit as well as 2X Damage Change of the player.


  • Heroes of Dragon Age is downloadable free of charge.
  • For this latest version, new gallery, Squads and other enhancements have been added.


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