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Hidden Objects Quest 14

Hidden Objects Quest 14
Android, English
Hidden Objects Quest 14 is another installment of Hidden Object Series. This version is set in a frosty journey of winter. The player is assigned the task to find different kinds of objects that are located in the scene. This game can be played on Android mobile phones and tablets and is developed by Synthesis Design Solutions.

Key Features

  • Quests: Hidden Objects Quest 14 is endowed with over 250 quests to play. To name just a few, it features Hangman Quest, Conveyor Quests and Hidden Time Bomb Search. These missions are integrated with more than 500 hidden objects that have to be found. If this goal is achieved, the player wins score.
  • Scenes: the gamer will be drawn to a panoramic scene for each quest. In all, Hidden Objects Quest 14 offers exactly 24 unique scenes. Searching and finding the object is far to be simple since scenes are all set in a snowy place.
  • Kids mode: another feature worth to mention here is the Kids' Mode. For this mode, Hidden Objects Quest 14 gives children 3 years and up, to play the game with the whole family members and join the adventure.
  • Achievement: if the gamer manages to find the hidden object in a given time, he wins score and points and is upgraded to another scene. Hidden Objects Quest 14 offers several in-game achievements with bonus search object.


  • Hidden Objects Quest 14 offers a never-ending gameplay.
  • Graphics are gorgeous with amazing details.
  • This hidden object game offers an original music score.


  • There is nothing special to report.


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