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Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, English
WOT (Web Of Trust) is a Firefox extension designed to secure Internet browsing on the web. It is used to check if a site is safe or not.

Key Features

  • Protection: WOT protects users from the dangers of different websites. Hence, they avoid scams, doubtful links and unreliable e-shops. The program will also identify adware which were undetected by antivirus programs.
  • List of unsuitable websites: the application incorporates a blacklist of unreliable sites. It also uses reputation system based on the assessment or the general judgment of all WOT community members online .
  • Recognition System: WOT installs, an icon, a colored coded light in the browser toolbar. The sites are then classified according to color codes, namely green for good, yellow for doubtful and red for malicious.
  • Notification: The extension includes an alarm function warning when the presence of a dangerous site is detected. It displays a notification on the screen indicating the risk level in 4 indicators (Credible, Reliable Commercial, Confidential and Security for Minors).


  • WOT is compatible with other Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome.
  • Icons are displayed on the results of the search engines, social networks or URLs.


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Alternative spelling: web_of_trust_wot-20131118-fx.xpi