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Nike+ Run Club for iPhone

Nike+ Run Club for iPhone
iPhone, English
Formerly known as Nike+ Running, the new Nike+ Run Club app is a personalized coaching application that provides runners with the tools necessary to achieve top performance levels. Complete with in-depth tracking tools, including pace, distance, elevation, heart rate, and calories burned, the Nike+ Run Club makes it easy to monitor your performance and keep track of your overall progression. The app also provides personalized coaching plans, which can be adapted according to your fitness level, goals, and progress.

In addition to personalized tracking, the Nike+ Run Club also puts you in touch with a community of over one million runners worldwide. Easy click-to-share options allow you to share customized posts on social media, complete with photos, stats, and stickers. App leaderboards serve as an additional motivational tool for runners who want to add a competitive aspect to their training plans.

The Nike+ Running Club is also compatible with the Apple Watch.

Other Systems

Nike+ Run Club for iPhone is also available on Android.


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