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RobotProg is a free software designed for users who want to learn programming right from the beginning.

Key features:

  • Interface : for better understanding of the study, the software displays an easy to use interface with vectorial graphics for the flowchart drawings and 3D for the robot ground roundering. Users can see clearly the tasks to do with the software.
  • Educational use : the software is very efficient for those who want to learn programming right from the beginning and step by step either at school or at home. Meaning that, there is no required programming knowledge required while using this software.
  • Instructions : the software gives step by step instruction about its use starting from the how to write, initialize, run the program followed by exercises for evaluating the lesson assimilation. Then, passing through the robot counts and robot draws and ending to plays ball.
  • Algorythm thinking : users can adopt scientific way of thinking while using this software because there are logical conditions required to get better results about the programming. In addition to that, there are some tests to see if the users understand well the given explanation before moving to the next lessons. Meaning that, it is impossible to skip the lessons pretending to go faster.
  • Purpose : at the end of the learning, users can manipulate the robot to any places on the computer screen : to a wall, to a corner, back and forth. Also, it is possible to make the robot draw on the free obstacle free ground, try to find the ball and throw it.


  • An educational freeware for programming initiation.


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Alternative spelling: RobotProg11EN.sit
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