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FolderClone Professional Edition

FolderClone Professional Edition
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
FolderClone Professional Edition allows backing up important data so as to preclude potential loss or corruption after a virus attack or PC formatting. It also supports synchronizing laptops to desktops.

Key Features

Backup: FolderClone Professional Edition suggests copying all important data to a safe location in order to obtain a backup of them. By this way, in case of virus attack for example, the user ensures to easily recover his files.

Synchronization: FolderClone Professional Edition also includes a feature for synchronizing laptops to desktops. That is helpful for easily syncing multiple laptops to a server without setting various options related to network parameters.

Automation: it is possible to automate the launching of the backup process according to the user's needs. This latter is free to set the software so as it performs this task every hour, every day or every month on a specific date.

Miscellaneous: this tool includes a utility for securely deleting files. Items deleted using this function cannot be retrieved by any recovery software. Moreover, this program allows applying custom settings for files backup such as defining size limit and over more.


The user obtains email notifications from FolderClone Professional Edition when a backup or synchronization task begins or ends.
The program is able to perform a copying process even if applications are still running.


This trial version is only valid for 30 days of use.


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