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Emsa FlexInfo Pro

Emsa FlexInfo Pro
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Emsa FlexInfo Pro is a software that delivers information about the computer system and can also launch a complete diagnostics of the latter.

Key Features

  • System information: the CPU, keyboard, memory as well as other system standard info can be found on the top left corner window of this program. Further items can be displayed there at users' demand. Among them, we can cite BIOS, PNP devices and even modems and printers. Data can easily be accessed in real time.
  • Diagnostics: thanks to data showed off on the interface, Emsa FlexInfo Pro also offers a series of testing on the system which takes about half a minute. Resuming the test two to three times is essential to be sure of the result.
  • Network info: those willing to have information related to the Web browser (especially Internet Connection) can be satisfied with this option. For instance, Emsa FlexInfo Pro can also resolve remote hostnames and IP addresses as well as network configuration.
  • Reports: data gathering the complete information can be saved as HTML file. Emsa FlexInfo Pro is automatically recording this report though. This report is complete and can be printed or shared to other users if needed be.


  • Emsa FlexInfo Pro can perform benchmark testing on the computer.
  • This program is simple to handle.


  • Nothing to report.


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