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Nexenta RsyncShare

Nexenta RsyncShare
Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Nexenta RsyncShare is an open source implementation of rsync shares manager for Windows servers, workstations and laptops. RsyncShare is GUI based, CDDL licensed freely load and a portion of the proceeds NexentaStor / ZFS.

The program makes the Windows machines available via rsync client.
You can also use RsyncShare to increase the speed of backup, restoration and protection for your data.

This application is a shareware version that expires after some time.
So far this application is available in English version only.

RsyncShare makes Windows machines accessible via any rsync client.
Disk-to-disk backup and recovery.
You can use RsyncShare for fast incremental Windows backup and restore.

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Nexenta RsyncShare 0.99.2

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Alternative spelling: rsyncshare.exe