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Presto Transfer Ultimate

Presto Transfer Ultimate
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Presto Transfer Ultimate is a simple utility for facilitating the transfer of common programs to another computer. Data can also be burnt to CD or DVD for later use.

Key Features

Automatic transfer

Presto Transfer Ultimate is already packed with a list of all common programs (Adobe, Word, Skype, etc.) that are often used on Windows Operating System. Their transfer to another computer is done easily with the users' authorization of course.

Data extraction

Before all processes, Presto Transfer Ultimate is extracting information about these common programs. Once done, they are compressed as archive and secured in a location. At users' demand, the archive will be available to be transferred.

Transfer to removable device

If the user wants to keep the data to a removable drive, this is entirely feasible. For instance, Presto Transfer Ultimate allows users to transfer and burn programs directly on CD or DVD and even on a Network or FTP.


  • Presto Transfer Ultimate supports Unicode Files.
  • It automatically detects transfer destination.


  • Here, Presto Transfer Ultimate is presented as a trial version.


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Alternative spelling: prestoultimate3_42.exe
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