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If the extensions of Internet Explorer are less numerous than those of the red panda, the developers begin to study its missing features compared with Opera or Mozilla Firefox. Like Inline Search which endows Microsoft's browser of a research bar deserving its name, IE7Pro boosts Internet Explorer 6 and 7 with some alternative classic browsers. So, the extension adds an ad blocking tool based on black and white lists, a download administrator (since the version 2.0) and mouse gesture support, like Opera.
The program also offers:
- the creation of alias for search engines (eg: type "y keyword" to run a search in Yahoo from the address bar),
- the resizing of the window in a defined size ( 800x600, 1024x768, etc.),
- the possibility of restoring tabs in case of crash and some appreciable "tweaks" to put back the menu bar above the toolbar or delete the search field.


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Alternative spelling: IE7proSetup_0912.exe