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8.31 (latest version)
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Sometimes, there is an emergency that you need to learn foreign languages. Teach2000 is there to show you in a very interesting way the efficient approach for that.

Key features
- Use : It makes you self-taught in language learning because you do not need anybody’s help for that. -You can expect better result while using it

-Approach : You will not have particular problems that you should solve while dealing with different symbols. In addition to that, there is a test that should be taken before moving to the next lesson.
There are different types of questions for exercises followed by the right answers.

- Dictionary : There are 12 dictionaries that can be looked up for word meanings. They give you the exact word pronunciation due to its phonetic symbols.

-Evaluation : There are several types of test in order to see your proficiency whether it is in vocabulary, grammar, general knowledge and other subjects. Scores are available to allow you to see your progress and to measure the effort you should make.

-Options: A Swedish users’ guide that lasts 21 minutes is included to give you clear instruction use of the software step by step. You can upload and download the lists you want from the computer.

System requirements
It can work with Windows Vista, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Millenium
Memory : 7MB

For educational or professional purpose, it is a smart way to learn foreign languages for free and quick at the same time.
The software can support flash cards and other printable device and can be used with multimedia for a better understanding of some questions.


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Alternative spelling: teach831.exe
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