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DB Solo

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DB Solo
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Mac OS X, English
DB Solo is an SQL query tool designed for developers and database administrator. It allows the user to manage databases and many more which will be detailed below.

Key features

Object browser: The software offers the possibility to view stored procedures, tables, schemas and other database contents. The user can also specify what he is looking for thanks to the search engine. The result will generate in few times.

Query tool: DB Solo enables its user to execute one or multiple queries at the same time. He can also specify the folder where he wants the results to be placed and print them when needed.

Schema scripting tool: This is another feature of the program which enables to script objects. To do so, the user has to select one or multiple objects and click on the script setting screen. He may choose the output format afterwards.


The user can choose his favorite queries and databases objects and store them.

It is an interoperable software for it supports many relational database products.


This is a shareware version of DB Solo.


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Alternative spelling: dbsolo-5.0.3.exe, dbsolo.exe