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Dynamic Email Validator

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Dynamic Email Validator
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Whatever the size of one's business, sending email for promotion is also necessary. Dynamic Email Validator works with Mail Communicator for the user to be able to send tones of email with less effort.

Key features

Checking: The software has an option where it is possible to verify if the email address is correct or not. The result will be given and the program will automatically remove it from the list of email addresses and validate the rest.

Sending: Once the verification done, Dynamic Email Validator allows the user to send bulk email. He can send simple email, put attachments on it or even add personalized attachments placed in one folder of his computer.

Importing: This application also enables the user to import email list from TXT files. As it works hand in hand with Mail communicator, it also supports formats like SQL Database, MS Excel, MS Outlook or XML.


Even though the validation process goes automatically, the user can also manually save the invalid email addresses in other files.

The software has an easy to use interface.


This is a shareware version of Dynamic Email Validator.


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Alternative spelling: devsetup.exe